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Email Marketing Company In Delhi

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Email Marketing is an effective marketing strategy for sending emails to customers and prospects. An effective email marketing strategy can very well convert a prospect into a customer or a one-time customer into a frequent and loyal buyer.

You may think that email marketing is not that effective or engaging but you couldn’t be more wrong. Let me show you some stats to change your mind.

  • According to a research in 2015, for every 1 INR you spend on email marketing, you will get 35 INR as ROI.
  • There are 3 times more email accounts than Facebook and Twitter combined.
  • Its 6 times more likely to get your ad clicked through email than through Twitter.
  • More than 90% of customers check their emails on a daily basis.
  • The average order value o a customer through email marketing is 3 times of customers came through social media.
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So, you can see that marketing through email is indeed one of the best and most cost-effective methods.

How Email Marketing Works?


Well, the first thing you will need to do when you are doing bulk email marketing is to avail the services of email marketing providers and that’s us. SEO Services India understands the market and its requirement if help in every way to formulate an email marketing strategy. Being an email marketing services provider in delhi , we know what needs to be done and more importantly, we have the resources and tools to do it with perfection.

Now let us tell you how it actually works.

Firstly, you will need to create a contact list. There is a practice of buying contact list from other sources but that can be a problem as people don’t like receiving spam emails. So it’s much better to create your own contact list by asking the customers to sign a newsletter on your website. This way you will send the emails to the customers who want o receive them and which are more likely to move forward with the transaction.

Well, that’s about it. The rest it about engaging the customers through various attractive schemes and offers and keep them aware of your brand by sending relevant news.

At, SEO Services India, we have a dedicated team which works on different email marketing strategy to engage more customers and provides you with better ROI.

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