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Keywords Research & Analysis

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The use of keywords can be a make or break aspect for a business. When someone searches on the internet, the search engine shows them the most relevant ads and web pages which either bid for that particular keyword or use SEO to rank their website higher on the search engine result page (SERP).

Keyword Marketing or Keyword Performance Marketing, however, is advertising on the search engine result page by using suitable keywords which are most relevant to what your business is offering. You can bid on the most relevant ads to place your ads and when those keywords will be used to make a search by the user, your ads will be there.

Keyword Research And Analysis | Keyword Performance Marketing, seo company in india

How Keyword Marketing Works?


Keyword Marketing is a multi-level process which involves various steps and a well-implemented keyword strategy to get the desired results. The very first and yet the most important step to get a good conversion rate and ROI is to bid on highly relevant keywords. It’s really simple, the more relevant your keywords are, the more cost-effective your keyword marketing campaign will be.

Then come keyword research and analysis, which is a method to come up with better keywords to get better results. Keyword research is necessary to find less competitive keywords which can yield the same results because highly relevant, however, provide you with better results, they can be expensive. SEO Services India uses advanced algorithms and tools for keyword analysis and helps you to be on top with less competitive and therefore less expensive keywords.

Our team uses keyword analysis tool that will make it more effective and easier to:

  • Discover more relevant keywords along with long-tailed keywords.
  • Provide new ideas and keyword strategy.
  • Grouping Keywords to get a better quality score, lower cost, better ad rankings and hence an improved click-through rate (CTR).
  • Plan and create keyword- optimized landing pages with the help of SEO keyword research.
Our Case Studies
Actions speak louder than words
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Tools We Use

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