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PPC Expert In India

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PPC (Pay-Per-Click) is a strategy to generate clicks for your website using search engine results. Instead of generating the clicks organically, you will need to pay for every visit to your website through sponsored ads. The sponsored ads will feature your website on top of the search engine results.

Why should you go for PPC Services in India?

According to the recent survey, most the users tend to click on paid advertisement through internet searches than any other form of advertisements.

  • It is a proven and effective way to attract traffic.
  • Its a really good investment for the company. You can generate more capital from the users than you spend on a PPC campaign.
  • It good for both search engines and the advertisers. Search engines will be able to provide the most relevant results and the advertiser will get the users.
  • Google also awards the most visited and most popular ads place on their search engine as it improves their effectiveness in terms of showing most relevant results.
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How does it work?


Google Adwords advertising is by far the most popular PPC platform.

Your website’s ads will be placed on top of the relevant search results and every time a visitor comes to your website by clicking those ads, you will be charged. When properly implemented and organized well, PPC campaign can really smooth up the traffic to your website.

There are a lot of companies which will have the same ideas and will probably have the same keywords, so how does Google decide to rank them. So, the users bid on the keywords and then Google decides which ones to pick depending upon various factors.

Whenever a search is initiated Google ranks the ads depending upon:

  • Relevance of Keywords
  • Ad Text
  • Size of the keywords
  • Landing Page quality
  • How much you are willing to bid
  • Quality Score (a score which represents the combined effect of Keywords relevance, quality, and several other factors).

It is also important to always keep track of the campaign and make necessary changes whenever required. As a PPC Expert in India, SEO Services India,  have been working on establish strategies to increase the conversion rate and provide better results for you. We make sure that your money is well spent.

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